I Like Noah Berlatsky

Noah Berlatsky is one of the few Atlantic bloggers whose writing about sex and gender doesn’t make me cringe.  It’s ironic that the only real feminist employed by the Atlantic is a man, but I’ll take what I can get.  Why do I still read the Atlantic?  Because of Ta Nehisi Coates.  And so sometimes I click through to other articles, usually cringeworthy, but sometimes surprisingly good, like this recent takedown of the unbearably smug Joss Whedon (there, I said it).  Noah Berlatsky writes: 

Whedon, then, delivers a speech on the term “feminist” without any reference to feminist history, without any apparent awareness of feminist theory, and without even any demonstrated knowledge of the most important objections or conflicts around the term “feminist,” the use of which he is purportedly discussing. Instead, from his position as celebrity and writer, and, one fears, from his position as white man, he takes it upon himself to simply define feminism himself so that he can discard it. The result is what Tania Modleski acidly referred to as “feminism without women”—equality as erasure.


Go read the whole thing: What Joss Whedon Gets Wrong About Feminism

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One Response to I Like Noah Berlatsky

  1. I get that Whedon has some lingual issues he wanted to opine about, and they may or may not be relevant or interesting to him or others.
    But it comes down to this. Some people are uncomfortable with the word “feminism” because it’s gender specific to females. That discomfort is sexism itself that causes the need for feminism to arise!

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